We believe that the radical shift from elite fossil fuels toward renewables has already begun. Today the viability of traditional energy sources such as coal, oil, gas – and even nuclear – is being challenged on a purely economic basis by sustainable solar power. The cost of solar photovoltaics has fallen significantly over the past decade with grid parity achieved in the very near future. “Using less of the Earth’s resources more efficiently and productively in a circular economy and making the transition from carbon-based fuels to renewable energies are defining features of the emerging economic paradigm.” – Jeremy Rifkin Beyond its inherently environmental virtue, investing in solar photovoltaic makes business sense.Our best-in-class expertise, in yield assessment and the optimization of Opex through highly effective plant monitoring and maintenance possesses, gives Third Step a unique competitive advantage. We are so sure of our vision that not only do we finance, design, build and operate solar photovoltaic plants but we remain involved as shareholders…for the lifetime of every project we develop.
We do solar
  • We design, finance, build and run solar photovoltaic plants that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Predominantly utility-scale ground-mounted power stations. But also rooftop and greenhouse installations. Our know-how in the development and acquisition of assets – including yield assessment, plant design, technical selection process for modules, inverters and transformers; construction phase steering; commissioning as well as structured financing – has enabled us to thrive while many of our competitors have thrown in the towel. Our roots are in successful plant operation, built on efficient monitoring and intervention processes & metrics that allow us to guarantee plant performance for our clients. Thanks to this in-house expertise, today we are able to maximize the lifetime value of the assets and thus optimize profitability. We raise structured financing that aligns with asset maturity, allowing for market remuneration both on debt and equity, with a mastered risk level. Recognized as industry leaders in terms of yield assessment, our experts have published a number of papers in reputed peer-review scientific journals. This expertise is also the reason that the world’s top educational institutions such as MINES ParisTech, Polytechnique in Europe and HUST, Tsinghua University in China have partnered with us to leverage our expertise in renewable energy project management.
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Ground Mounted
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  • Installed capacity21.8MWp
  • Power production per year33 101MWh
  • Number of panels87 280Panels
  • Discharge of CO2 per year13 235Tons

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We are solar
Third Step is a leading player in the European solar photovoltaic industry. A joint venture between Altus Energy and Solaïs, Third Step is a fully integrated player with credentials in developing photovoltaic.
  • Project sourcing
  • Acquisition, development and financing
  • Building, steering and commisioning
  • Operating, monitoring and maintenance
Since 2008 we have been financing, building, and operating solar photovoltaic plants in Europe. Today we have participated in the development of 130 projects, for a total of 360 MWp. We have a perfect track record. All these projects are up and running, on budget, and in line with the expected yield.
Our founders
  • Mathieu DebonnetEntrepreneur and business development expert with over 20 years experience in Renewable Energy, Mathieu founded Altus Energy in 2008 and Third Step Europe in 2012. He has extensive expertise in the development and operational management of photovoltaic project portfolios; structuring, negotiation and execution of EPC contracts; banks and financial investors; due diligence processes; photovoltaic asset and project evaluations. Masters in International Business (1996)
  • Nicolas TheveninEntrepreneur and marketing expert with over 15 years experience in Renewable Energy, Telecom, Technology and Entertainment industries. Cofounder of Solaïs in 2008 (photovoltaic consulting and engineering company) and of Third Step Europe in 2012. He is expert in the development of photovoltaic project portfolios; banks and financial investors; structuring, negotiation and execution of EPC contracts; due diligence processes; photovoltaic asset and project evaluations. Masters in Marketing (2000) ESCP Europe
  • Sebastien PitavalEngineer, technical and legal expert, manager, and entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in Renewable Energy, Space Industry (CNES, Alcatel Space, Thales Alenia Space). Cofounder of Solaïs in 2008 and Third Step Europe in 2012, he is expert on all photovoltaic dimensions, plant design, asset audit and due diligences, commissioning, export activities, smart grid and storage. He has published numerous R&D related papers Masters in Engineering - Fluid Mechanics and Energy (2000) ENSEEIHT
Third Step is always looking for passionate men and women who want to participate in the greening of the world’s energy grid.
Please send all inquiries to jobs@thirdstep.energy